Air Conditioning

30th anniversary of Bergdorf Air ConditioningWhere once the desire to control an environment was a luxury afforded to a chosen few, air conditioning systems have evolved to become a cost-effective way of life for everyone; at work, home and play. While the core principle of air conditioning has changed very little through the years technological advances have progressed at such a rate that it now offers unparalleled benefits to the end user.


"Welcome to the new era of climate control, delivering comfort at the touch of a button! For those already aware of our Bergdorf name and reputation, there will be an existing recognition of a brand that delivers in style, performance and affordability to rival any competitor in the marketplace. For those yet to experience our products, I invite you to explore and experience the amazing benefits for yourself, and as with all our customers, I am sure that you will be impressed!"


Herman Schreiber


With a range of model sizes tailored to match your specific needs; from a domestic bedroom space through to a large office/warehouse, our systems have been designed and are rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance from minimal power consumption. Inevitably while the cost of energy will rise, Bergdorf systems will continue to lead the way in performance delivery - always keeping you one step ahead!

Bergdorf delivers... time after time!