About us

From our earliest foundations back in 1982, Bergdorf has developed in both quality and reputation in equal measure.

From humble beginnings one core value has never changed and remains as true today as back in 1982; the design and craftsmanship of systems that are reliable, both cost and energy efficient – yet sleek enough to showcase in any home or business.

Our range of Air Conditioning equipment includes our popular energy-efficient Inverter technology, stop/start fixed speed models, as well as our Blue Fin and Cellar Master ranges for more accurately controlled temperature environments.

In this our 30th anniversary year, we are celebrating by bringing you our most exciting range of energy saving climate controlling systems to date! In addition, our Research & Development laboratory continue to work on an exciting collection of “future ready” systems including; hot water Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, and Solar PhotoVoltaic systems.

We believe that one of our key strengths is our ability to listen to and learn from our customers’ needs and expectations. We hope that this ability coupled with our future ambitions, as well as our family of experienced engineers, will help carry forward the Bergdorf brand over the next 30 years (at least).


  • April 1982 - Herman Schreiber and Hans Metzger started out from a small factory on the outskirts of Munich, its location influenced by the city’s close proximity to the Alps as well as the variable weather conditions.
  • By 1996, the business had outgrown its initial premises and relocated to a larger site in the Hadern district in the South West of Munich – where it continues to have a strategic presence to this day.
  • 2002 - Bergdorf’s administrative offices relocate from Munich to Stuttgart.
  • 2004 - Bergdorf signs an exclusive European supplier agreement with 'Direct Air Conditioning' in the United Kingdom, to promote SME and Domestic sales and distribution of Bergdorf brand equipment throughout Europe and North America.
  • February 2010 – Herman Schreiber, CEO Bergdorf International, announces future plans to diversify product range to incorporate Air Source Heating (Hot Water systems) and Ground Source Heating options, citing future growth opportunities in the mid-market for affordable solutions.
  • April 2011 – Bergdorf commences final phasing testing of its first Air Source Heat Pump product line (with mass production anticipated to begin October 2011)
  • March 2025 - Bergdorf unveils the world’s first 100% electricity and carbon emissions-free climate controlling systems for the home and office; delivering on-demand hot water, heating and cooling as well as coffees on demand.... OK so you have figured out that this hasn’t happened yet, however our engineers remain committed to working towards more energy efficient and environmentally-aware future systems. As for the coffees, well for the time being you’re on your own with that one!